AC Breaker Panel: NPDRP1114

Protect your power infrastructure with Westell Breaker Panels intended for primary protection applications. With single and dual bus configurations, field installed breaker counts up to 8 per bus, alarm contacts, and individual breaker capacities up to 100A, Westell has the panel for your particular requirements.

NPDRP1114 AC Breaker Panel
Product Highlights
  • Full monitoring of breaker trips and loss of bus power in every panel
  • Dual-bus designs for power redundancy
  • Full rear LEXAN shield
  • Dual Voltage Panels (24 or 48 VDC Batteries)
  • Breaker Fail Form C contacts
  • ABS Fail alarms
  • 3/8″ holes on 1″ center inputs
Part # # of Bus Positions per Bus Amps per Bus Max Breaker Size Voltage Height Mounting Type Documents

AC Breaker Panel

Up to 6 DIN rail devices (one surge and 5 breakers)
N/A N/A N/A 60A / Breaker 120/240 VAC 1 RU 19″/23″ Racks Technical Practice



Technical Practice