The Remote RMM-1400 is a monitoring and control device that provides IP management to sites and equipment. The RMM-1400 enables site alarm monitoring, protocol conversion, and equipment connectivity and acts as an intelligent extension of your Operations Support System (OSS). It is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce operational costs, and improve operational efficiency with reduced truck rolls.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Increase network quality and availability
  • Improve site security
  • NEBS Level III Compliant
  • GR-3108 Compliant


 Product  Async Ports  Ethernet Ports  Discrete Ports  Control Outputs 0-10 VDC Inputs 4-20 MA Inputs  Voltage
 Remote RMM-1400*  4  4 (2 PoE)  Yes*****  Yes*****  Yes*****  Yes*****  20-60 VDC
 Remote RMB-1**  —  1**  64  4  4  4  PoE Class 4
 Remote RMB-2**  —  1**  64****  4  4  4  PoE Class 4



Model No./Frequencies


 Model Number
Remote RMM-1400 Remote RMM-1400 system
Remote RMM-1421 RMM-1400 with EVDO wireless
Remote RMM-1431 RMM-1400 with HSPA wireless
Remote RMM-1443 RMM-1400 with 4G LTE ATT WAN
Remote RMM-1445 RMM-1400 with 4G LTE Sprint WAN
Remote RMM-1446 RMM-1400 with 4G LTE Verizon WAN
Remote RMB-1 RMB-1 alarm collector
Remote RMB-2 RMB-2 rack mounted alarm collector
Remote RMM-1400-A RMM-1400 with included RMB-1 alarm collector
 Remote RMM-1421-A RMM-1400 with included RMB-1 alarm collector
 Remote RMM-1431-A RMM-1400 with included RMB-1 alarm collector




Data Sheet