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Commitment to Quality

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High quality is crucial to Westell’s company legacy. Our Quality Mission, “To Achieve Total Customer Satisfaction,” is the foundation of all functions within the organization. To accomplish our mission, Westell strives to continually improve all aspects of product and service realization. Westell’s quality system is registered to TL9000, the telecommunications industry quality management system standard. Westell assisted in the development of the TL9000 standard as a participating member of QuEST Forum. But more importantly, TL9000 is comprised of the best practices of quality management that were developed and refined within the telecommunications environment.

Leading the Way

In addition to TL9000, Westell was one of the first suppliers to receive C/SQP (Customer/Supplier Quality Process) Accreditation. C/SQP was a telecommunications quality system certification that was granted to leading edge companies during the 1990s by Bellcore/Telcordia and the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs). Westell was also one of the first suppliers to certify and register our quality processes to ISO9001.