Power Cabinet


Westell’s SmartCom™ES Enhanced Power Cabinet is a fully integrated backhaul solution, specifically designed for the Utility Smart Grid market. The SmartCom™ES provides power and back-up power for radio communications, powering point-to-point and/or point-to-multipoint radios. This Smart Grid solution enables remote monitoring of power grid demands and remotely controls Line Capacitance for efficient power distribution without expensive dispatches.



  • Single, integrated solution to ensure 24/7 radio communication for Utility backhaul providers
  • Includes eSmartES™, which offers industrial-grade software within a rugged Ethernet switch
  • Improves utility efficiency by remotely monitoring power grid demands
  • Reduces OPEX associated with expensive dispatches by remotely controlling line capacitance for efficient power distribution


  • Westell ruggedized CellPak NEMA 4R cabinet
    • Protects against rain, salt, fog, snow/ice, shotgun
    • Patented membrane vent to disperse battery gases
    • Perforated stainless steel back-plate
    • Wall, Pole, H-frame mount
    • Compact size: 24”H x 20”W x 9”D
  • Westell eSmartES™ Ethernet Switch
  • Westell SiteVu™ remote monitoring
    • Battery health
    • Cabinet temperature and security
  • Uninterruptible temperature compensated 24VDC rectifier/charger
  • 15Ah batteries
  • PoE for external radio power
  • -40° C to +46° C operation