Intelligent Site Management

As wireless networks continue to grow rapidly, new challenges are facing service providers and tower operators. The core network has always had network management systems to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems but now these capabilities must be extended to all cell sites (new and existing) to manage the growing number of sites efficiently and securely. With the continued build out and expansion of the network, the focus is on remote site management to minimize troubleshooting and maintenance costs.

Westell’s site management product offerings include the following:

Westell provides comprehensive site management focused on specific areas

  • Communications management — distributed antenna systems (DAS) and microwave management
  • Environmental management — heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) monitoring/energy monitoring/control, environmental monitoring, and aircraft warning light (AWL) management
  • Power management — AC power monitoring, AWL management, battery management, DC power monitoring, fuel monitoring, generator management, hybrid power management, rectifier monitoring, and tenant power monitoring
  • Security management — access management, asset tampering, and surveillance management