KLM and KLM Combo Panels


Protect your power infrastructure with Westell KLM and KLM/GMT Combination Fuse Panels intended for secondary protection applications. With fuse counts from 2 to 10 per bus, alarm contacts, and individual fuse capacities up to 30A, Westell has the panel for your particular requirements.

KLM and KLM Combo Panels


  • Peace of mind knowing your network is protected
  • Full monitoring of blown fuses and loss of bus power in every panel
  • Industry standard configurations
  • Dual-bus designs for power redundancy
  • Quick Delivery for standard configurations


  • Polarity insensitive circuitry
  • Dual voltage panels (24 or 48Vdc batteries)
  • High capacity 1/4" stud input blocks
  • Cable tie bars
  • Full rear lexan shield
  • Fuse and input power fail alarms
  • NEBS approved


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Part # Description # of Bus Positions per Bus Amps per Bus Max Fuse Size Voltage Height Mounting Type
4x4 Dual Bus KLM
N215108-NCY 4x4 Dual Bus KLM 2 4 120 30A/KLM ±24 or ±48 Vdc 1 RU   19"/23" Racks  
4x4 KLM, 4x4 GMT
N215116-N-L31 4x4 KLM, 4x4 GMT  2 4 KLM, 4 GMT 150 30A/KLM, 15A/GMT ±24 or ±48 Vdc   1 RU   19"/23" Racks  
2x2 KLM, 10x10 GMT
N215124-NCY-M1  2x2 KLM, 10x10 GMT
2 2 KLM, 10 GMT
150 30A/KLM, 15A/GMT
-24 or -48 Vdc
1 RU   19"/23" Racks 
N21C224-NCY 2x2 KLM, 10x10 GMT  2 2 KLM, 10 GMT 100   30A/KLM, 15A/GMT ±24 or ±48 Vdc 2 RU 23" Racks