DC Power Distribution Panel: DCP10X10

Westell’s power distribution unit, the DCP10X10 (DCP) High Current DC Breaker/Fuse Panel, offers some of the industries highest amperages available in a compact high-density package. With a dual 600 Amps bus, it is a perfect fit for the applications limited on space and provides several options for protecting network equipment such as, breakers or fuses (TPS, TLS and TPC). With standard Westell panel features like wide operating voltage range (+/-24 to +/-48VDC) and cascading output lugs, this panel exceeds the requirement of today’s networks.

Front View
Rear View
Product Highlights
  • Compact 3RU rack height
  • Integrated return bus
  • Pluggable field-replaceable breakers or fuses
  • Accommodates mid-trip or non-mid trip breakers
  • 10 position dual bus
  • 600 Amps per bus
  • +/-24 and +/-48VDC operation
  • Front panel LEDs indicate power and alarm status
  • Removable alarm card generates alarm when breaker or fuse is tripped
  • Fits 19″ and 23″ racks
Part # #of slots/bus Breaker Size Current/
Bus Type Voltage Height Mounting

High Current 600Amps/bus DC Power Distribution Panel

DCP10X10  10
(20 per panel)
100 Amps Max 600 Amps Max Dual Bus (Isolated A & B bus) +/-24 and +/-48VDC typical 3RU 19″/23″ Racks