The Remote RMC-700 is a flexible, intelligent monitoring and control device that provides comprehensive IP management and access capabilities to sites and the managed passive equipment.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Increase network quality and availability
  • Improve site security
  • NEBS Level III Compliant
  • GR-3108 Compliant


Product Async Ports Ethernet Discrete Ports Control Outputs Analog Inputs Voltage
 RMC-700  2  2  12  1  1*  20-60 VDC



Model No./Frequencies
Model Number
 Remote RMC-700  Remote RMC-700 system
 Remote RMC-721  Remote RMC-700 with EDVO wireless
 Remote RMC-731  Remote RMC-700 with HSPA wireless
 Remote RMC-743  Remote RMC-700 with 4G LTE AT&T WAN
 Remote RMC-745  Remote RMC-700 with 4G LTE Sprint WAN
 Remote RMC-746  Remote RMC-700 with 4G LTE Verizon WAN



Data Sheet