T1/HDSL CellPak® Outdoor Enclosures

Westell’s CellPak® Transport System Enclosure provides rapid installation and activation of DS1 services at remote wireline or wireless cell sites. The CellPak® provides a user-friendly installation environment while housing all electronics in a secure, weather-tight outdoor enclosure Transport system environmental enclosure. This cabinet offers copper T1 and HDSL provisioning for up to eight DS1 circuits, and it allows total access to both network and customer compartments as well as wireless operator access.

CP528DP CellPak Outdoor Enclosures
Product Highlights
  • Supports line powered or locally powered modules
  • Separate and secure lockable doors to access Service Provider and Customer Interface equipment
  • Provisions for eight T1 Network Interface Units or eight HDSL Remote Units
  • Provisions for two POTS lines
  • Eight RJ48C/S jacks and two RJ11 jacks at the Customer Interface
  • Network Side 5 pin lightning block ships with cut-trough modules installed
  • Customer Side 5 pin lightning protection block ships empty to allow installation as needed
  • Complies with Telcordia GR-487-CORE, Issue 2, March, 2000, requirements for outdoor electronic equipment cabinets
  • Pin-in-hex Service Provider door security
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T1/HDSL CellPak® Outdoor Enclosures

CP528DP 8 Datasheet
CP528 8 Technical Practice
CP528DPC 8 Technical Practice



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