A termination or load is a dissipative electronic device used at the end of a transmission line or waveguide to convert transmitted energy into heat, so that essentially no energy is radiated outward or reflected back to its source. Westell terminations are ideally suited for a variety of applications including testing, accurate measurement, and to terminate an unused port in an in-building system.

Features & Benefits
  • Broadband DC-6.0 GHz
  • Handles 2 Watts average power
  • Tri-Alloy finish
  • 50 Ohms
DC-6.0 GHz 1.10:1 Max
DC-2.5 GHz 1.20:1 Max
Input Power 2 Watt Average @ 25°
RF Leakage >90 dBc
Power Peak 500 Watts
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR 1.35 : 1
Operating Temperature Range -65° C to +125° C
Connector Body Material Brass, tri-alloy plated
Center Conductor Material Gold Plated brass or beryllium copper
N-Male 1.20 x 0.70 in.
7/16 DIN 1.62 x 0.78 in.
Connectors N-Male, 7/16 DIN


Model No./Frequencies
Model Number
CSI-TRM6N-2W N-Male Connector
CSI-TRM6D-2W 7/16 DIN Connector


Frequency Range
DC-6.0 GHz



Data Sheet