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System IntegrationCommunication Network Solutions

Westell offers custom integration solutions for cabinet-based installations ranging from small assemblies to large, systems-based outdoor cabinets. Westell provides fully integrated, vendor neutral cabinet solutions that are optimized to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

Westell Cabinets and Systems Integration solutions are the complete package. We are GR-487 rated, Tier 1 & 2 Telco operator-established and offer an all-aluminum construction with modular design for superior flexibility.

A full set of documentation is provided with each system including wiring diagrams, best practices, vendor documents, and customer-specific requests. Installation kits can be created to ensure consistent quality and reliable installations are easy for installers.

Outdoor Enclosures – It’s What We Do!

Premium Supplier

  • Professional design and integration services, turn-key material procurement, ISO9002/TL9000 facility for assembly and system testing
  • Program management partner – on time inventory and delivery

Turnkey Delivery

  • Enables customers to focus on network deployment and leverage a single supplier for turn-key delivery based on unique site requirements
  • Improves forecasting, supplier / fulfillment partner interactions and deployment logistics
  • Single point of contact

Features and Benefits

  • Accelerateme-to-market
  • Minimize and control project costs
  • Ensure consistent quality across all network installations
  • Simplify the integration and installation process
  • Simple single SKU ordering, no need to issue multiple PO to many vendors
  • Improve return on investment
  • Built to individual requirements
  • Comprehensive set of documentation for easy installation practices
  • Ensure continuity and improve overall quality
  • Simplifies any troubleshooting; well documented and cookie cutter design and integration