The wireless market is exploding... from the transition to 4G, to the implementation of small cells such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), wireless operators must provide a level of service that is unprecedented. Speed to market is key, while at the same time, wireless operators must ensure that the services offered are helping to retain customers and reduce churn.

Today, Westell is bringing its long history of quality and innovation to the wireless market, developing products that will enable wireless operators to improve operating efficiency and as a result, have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Westell’s line of cell site optimization products provide superior site coverage and capacity. Wireless operators across the country are seeing improved network performance with Westell’s line of tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs), which feature the lowest noise figure in the industry and have high receive isolation. Although available for all bands, Westell TMAs are a particularly essential component for new LTE networks where optimization is top priority.

Both indoor and outdoor DAS systems are seeing a rebirth, being deployed in high-congestion areas to keep pace with increasing mobile demand. A seemingly small, yet critical, detail is the attenuation of RF power levels between the DAS headend and the BTS. Westell DAS interface panels provide variable attenuation ensuring the headend receives appropriate power levels to convert RF signals to optical signals, low PIM performance, non-instructive monitoring ports, and simple installation and cable management.

Wireless operators needing temperature-hardened managed Ethernet switches will find that Westell’s line of eSmartAccess™ switches offer a variety of port configurations, many available with a best-in-class implementation of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+. These switches are ideal for layer 1 or 2 applications, especially those on the edge of the wireless network. With Westell's unique and integrated SiteVu™ remote monitoring feature, operators can now future-proof their investment and monitor the site's environmental and equipment status, including temperature, door (open/closed), batteries, or any other sensor device in the network.

Fuse panels are another one of those details in the network that are often overlooked. Wireless operators choose Westell power distribution products to take advantage of quick delivery on highly engineered designs that allow them to save money. 

Westell’s line of NEMA4-compliant Boxer cabinets are ideal for housing wireless equipment in outdoor applications. These actively cooled, compact and lightweight enclosures are weather- and tamper-resistant and are available in a variety of sizes. Ideal for housing wireless equipment, the Boxer enclosures are also used in Westell’s Custom Systems Integration (CSI) Services. Wireless operators enjoy consistent field installations while leaving the integration, assembly and testing of all the cabinet contents to Westell.   

Wireless operators are moving so quickly to implement new networks and optimize existing ones, it can be easy to overlook the details that will save on opex and improve efficiency. Westell is the partner who will work alongside the wireless operator to ensure these details are covered, customer satisfaction is met and budgets are kept in the black.


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