System Components

System components (aka passive devices) are utilized as part of a distributed antenna system (DAS) to direct the energy flow for specific frequency bands. Westell offers an extensive line of standard components as well as PIM complaint system components to meet a variety of DAS requirements. These passive components, which include the following products, are available in multiple port configurations, power options and connector types.

Standard Passive Components

 ClearLink® Low PIM Passives

At Westell we are dedicated to providing high performance products that meet or exceed the typical PIM measurement to deliver the most superior DAS possible. Available in type N, DIN, or 4.3-10 connectors*, our ClearLink PIM rated passives are tested and approved to meet carrier requirements of ≤ -153 dBc and -161, measured with 2 tones @ +43 dBc.

 *4.3-10 connector options have a PIM rating of -154.

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