Ancillary Copper/Fiber Products


Westell's VirtualEdge® Couplers & Accessories are the finishing components to your connectivity needs. The interchangeable Keystone style couplers come in a variety of connection types to provide flexibility for fulfilling your panel requirements. Along with the couplers, Westell offers other accessories to enhance cable management and protection. Some of the many components available are:

  • RJ45/48 couplers
  • RJ45/48 IDC couplers
  • BNC Coax couplers
  • SC and LC fiber couplers
  • 3" D-Rings for cable management
  • Cable management trays and lacer bars


VirtualEdge® Accessories


  • Field installed couplers allow you to pay as you grow.
  • Quickly add or replace a data service by adding different couplers
  • Buy an assortment of couplers to customize your own panel


  • A broad offering of couplers to support Ethernet, DS3 and T1 services
  • The couplers allow you to mix and match services per line
  • Industry standard foot-print