DAS Interface Panels


A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is increasingly being used by service providers to create a small cell infrastructure that will relieve the burden on the macro network, especially in venues such as stadiums, convention centers, hospitals and college campuses where smartphone use is particularly concentrated. Westell’s DAS Interface Panels are located between the base transceiver station (BTS) and the headend of the DAS, where RF signals are converted to optical signals. Carriers must ensure the RF power levels are appropriately adjusted for the DAS headend equipment.

Westell’s DAS Interface Panels provide the proper power levels for the downstream DAS equipment. Both transmit and receive power levels can be monitored and adjusted without disconnecting from the BTS or the DAS headend. Westell is offering four models of DAS Interface Panels:

  • A90-DAS850D-D: Cellular Band
  • A90-DAS1900D-D: PCS Band
  • A90-DAS700DMI-D: 700Mhz Bands
  • A90-DAS2100DMI-D: AWS Band

DAS Attenuation Panels



  • Works in both iDAS and oDAS (extended temperature hardened)
  • Both transmit and receive signals can be monitored and adjusted without disconnecting from the BTS or the DAS headend, enabling local optimization and troubleshooting as well as decreasing installation time
  • With up to 50dB of attenuation by 1dB calibrated increments, there is no need to stock various fixed level attenuators
  • Passive design does not require external power or draw-down from backup batteries
  • Ultra-low levels of passive intermodulation (PIM) provides better performance
  • Low-profile packaging saves on space
  • Cable management / Clean Install – carefully designed port locations facilitates easy installation
  • Options for all wireless bands to cover all carriers


  • Fully passive interface panel - No power connections needed
  • Monitoring ports for both the Tx and Rx paths
  • 0-50dB adjustable attenuation for both Tx & Rx paths
  • Connectorized plug-n-play design
  • Input/output connectors located at the edge of the panel enable ease in cabling
  • Lightweight and available in a 1RU footprint
  • Temperature hardened with an operating range of -40 to +65°C