Active DAS RF ConditionersThe Ideal RF Conditioning Solution

The Universal DAS Interface Tray (UDIT) is an active radio frequency (RF) DAS conditioner and management system that optimizes signal performance between a small cell or high power base station transceiver (BTS) and a DAS.

The UDIT is technology neutral and provides signal conditioning and remote monitoring and control for single service provider, neutral host, and multicarrier systems.



First Apple® iOS and Android™ application allows technicians to monitor the UDIT in real‐time, adjust RF parameters, and review alarm conditions to improve response time from a tablet device.

The UDIT mobile application, developed on native iOS and Android operating systems, features the following:

  • Remote access to real‐time uplink and downlink test tools including:
    • UL power meters and a spectrum analysis function
    • DL input and output power meters
  • Remote power management via access to UL and DL attenuation settings
  • Event and real‐time alarm monitoring

Features & Benefits

  • Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) to provide comprehensive
  • Remote monitoring of DAS alarms, RF parameters and configurations
  • Built-in spectrum analysis and power meters
  • Permits up to 12 Point of Interface of POI modules per chassis
  • Provides up to a 60% space saving over passive solutions
  • Plug and play POI is hot swappable with automatic detection

UDIT product components: