Connect SCS

Connect Secure Connection Server (SCS) leverages existing IP infrastructure to securely transport remote site management traffic to central and regional operations locations and is an integral part of a complete secure backhaul solution. Together with the Remote site management system and the Optima Secure Connection Director, Connect SCS provides a secure connection over any network infrastructure, including wireless data services. The ability to utilize any public or private network infrastructure can reduce operational overhead.

Connect SCS is a VPN technology-based concentrator that utilizes SSL authentication security of any device attempting to access the private network. Connect SCS secures the connection over both fixed and wireless public networks.

Features & Benefits:

  • A secure remote management infrastructure
  • Simplified management over IP network
  • Wireless data services compatibility
  • Simplified hub site architecture
  • Secure remote management connectivity using SSL VPN
  • Supports wireless data services for location flexibility and diversity using neighboring cell sites
  • Simplify remote management architecture
  • Higher speed and lower cost than traditional dedicated or dial-up management networks