Management Systems

Management systems provide a complete 360 degree view and control of remote sites, often needed by mobile and fixed-line network operators, utilities, and transportation companies. These systems offer many views, configurable to different types of users and administrators, to provide real-time and historical data relevant to their infrastructure, environment and application.

The key functions of a management system include:

  • Site monitoring, management and control
  • Performance management
  • Event management
  • Element management
  • Remote access
  • Optima Management System®

The Optima Management System provides comprehensive site monitoring, management, and control of a network’s site infrastructure from a user’s desktop and virtually any Apple® iOS and Android device. Remote sites such as cell sites, substations, and remote communication huts and all of its systems (power, environmental, communications, and security for example) can be remotely monitored. This gives immediate operational cost reductions for organizations that need to access, monitor, and manage a large number of sites.

The main functions of the Optima include:

  • Performance management
  • Event management
  • Site management
  • Remote access
  • Site data collection

Features & Benefits

  • Remotely collect, monitor, trend and report on site performance
  • Real time dashboard and map views of network and physical elements
  • Remote access provides access from anywhere for remote configuration, backup, and restore or to check the health of the network
  • Element management provides status updates of network elements
  • Access from a desktop and virtually any Apple iOS and Android device


Secure SiteSecureSite

SecureSite enables customers to cost-effectively and continuously monitor locations at anytime from anywhere. Carriers manage thousands of unmanned cell sites, utilities manage equipment at hundreds or thousands of substations, corporate office buildings, and remote radio sites, and transportation companies often manage remote communications huts, along railways, for example. These unmanned and often remote locations are susceptible to theft of copper, electronics, and fuel, potentially resulting in site outages. Contracting companies may also be claiming for services rendered but which have not actually been performed.

SecureSite enables remote monitoring and storage of videos or snapshots of activity from sites. Images are sent to the SecureSite server by remote IP cameras. The video motion detection sends images only as needed. The image frequency, bandwidth, and quality are selectable depending on the demands of each site.

Features & Benefits

  • Video and image storage flexibility
  • Stored images downloadable
  • Adjustable bandwidth and motion sensitivity

The Product line includes: