Network Interface Mounting

Available in both rack-mount and wall-mount options, Westell’s line of indoor mountings for network interfaces are constructed to meet NEBS requirements. In sizes ranging from single to 28-position, these assemblies allow clear visibility of modules housed inside the mounting.

Westell offers single position through 28-position indoor wall-mount mounting assemblies that are specifically designed to house DS1 HDSL or T1 NIU plug-ins utilizing the 200-type or 400-type form factor.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in rack-mount or wall-mount options
  • Supports HDSL, T1, Hi-Cap and Digital applications
  • Accepts either 200-type modules or 400-type modules
  • UL 1950 listed
  • NEBS certified
  • External ground lug

Westell’s Network Interface Product line includes: