4 Way Splitter/Combiner ModuleThe Ideal RF Conditioning Solution

The ClearLink UDIT is an active radio frequency (RF) DAS conditioner and management system that optimizes signal performance between a small cell or high power base station transceiver (BTS) and a DAS.

The UDIT is technology neutral and provides signal conditioning and remote monitoring and control for single service provider, neutral host, and multicarrier systems.

Product Highlights
  • High power BTS conditioning (Up to 100W)
  • Industry’s lowest fixed loss in DL path
  • DAS vendor neutral
  • Low Passive Inter Modulation (PIM)
  • Programmable Dynamic DL Power Control
  • Built in Power meters to monitor input and output power in real time
  • Integrated web GUI access for remote and local configuration, management and monitoring of alarms
  • Plug-and-play automatic modules and fans
  • All front cabling
  • IP/SNMP Daisy Chaining – uses less IP/SNMP resources and simplifies configuration
  • SNMP traps for NOC alarm monitoring
Features & Benefits
  • BTS Conditioning
  • Local and Remote Controllable via Web or Mobile App
  • Remote and Local monitoring of Active Alarms and Power Levels
  • User Profile Password Protected
  • Self-Discovery of Modules and Sub-Racks
  • System and User Logs
  • 4:1 Splitter/Combiner for Signal Management
Electrical Specifications
 EMI FCC Part 15, Class B
 Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions  7 x 1.3 x 4.3 in
Weight 2.0 lbs
 Performance Characteristics
 Operating Frequency Range  698-2360 MHz
 Insertion Loss  7.5 dB typical
 Return Loss  > 14 dB
 Isolation  > 20 dB
 Composite Maximum (Power Per Port)  +30 dBm (1 Watt)


Model No./Frequencies
 Model Number