Optima Cloud Management System

Westell’s Optima Cloud Management System provides a reliable, scalable, and low cost solution for site monitoring, management, and control of networks consisting of 100 or less sites. The Optima Cloud Solution allows customers to focus on the monitoring of critical power, security, environmental and communication assets are remote sites (including cell sites, substations and remote communication huts) while Westell handles the administration and hosting of the system.

Visibility into the network through the Optima Cloud solution, allows all users immediate and convenient access to critical event and performance data from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. All upgrades, general maintenance, and data is collected at the remote location via Westell’s Intelligent Site Devices and sent securely to the Optima Cloud System – improving efficiencies and reducing operational expenses by eliminating the need for a dedicated onsite resource to manage and host the Optima software.

Product Highlights
  • Low Cost of Entry: No dedicated IT resources are needed to manage the Optima system and the front-end deployment cost is minimal
  • Low Cost of Ownership: Allows for more efficient use of IT resources and no increase in back-end maintenance cost
  • Reliability: 24/7 availability – Always On
  • Scalability: Resource expansion and software updates are transparent to the customer
Features & Benefits

The Optima Cloud offers the same great features as the traditional Optima Management System including:

  • Performance management
  • Event management
  • Site management
  • Remote equipment access
  • Comprehensive data collection