The Remote RMM-800 is a flexible, intelligent monitoring and control device that provides comprehensive IP management and access capabilities to sites and the managed passive equipment. The RMM-800’s ability to provide site alarm monitoring, protocol conversion, and I/O capacity to passive equipment makes it an intelligent extension of your site management system. The solution is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

The Remote RMM-800 is a cost-effective site management solution that can be conveniently mounted in any 19″ or 23″ rack to provide intelligent site management. The device is the perfect choice for application suites, such as generator management, fuel monitoring, environmental monitoring, HVAC monitoring or control, and aircraft warning light monitoring.

Product Highlights
  • Mounting in any 19″/23″ equipment rack to provide intelligent monitoring and control
  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity options
  • Two SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) ports, supporting GigE fiber or copper
  • Requires just 1 Rack Unit (RU) in equipment rack
  • Advanced equipment management and protocol conversion
  • Alarm aggregation for reduced network management complexity


 Async Ports SFP Ports
Ethernet Ports
Discrete Ports Control Outputs Analog Inputs Voltage
2 2 2 16 1 1* 20-60 VDC



Model No./Frequencies


Ordering Information
Remote RMM-80 Remote RMM-800 system
Remote RMM-831 Remote RMM-800 with HSPA wireless
Remote RMM-843 RMM-800 with 4G LTE AT&T WAN
Remote RMM-845 RMM-800 with 4G LTE Sprint WAN
Remote RMM-846 RMM-800 with 4G LTE Verizon WAN




Data Sheet