DS1 Span Powering


The SPW system is installed between a mulitplexer and a remote T1 NIU chassis. The SPW can provide span power to the remote T1 NIU chassis. In addition, the SPW provides lightning and power cross protection for the mulitplexer.



  • Reduces service outages via transient protection
  • Eliminates the need for local power at the T1 NIU chassis
  • Remote alarm reporting


  • Span power up to 28 NIU-PMs from a 24Vdc or – 48Vdc source
  • “Hot Swap” SPW line cards when performing maintenace
  • Provides secondary lightning & power cross protection
  • Front Panel LED’s indicate line open, line short, and line normal conditions
  • Temperature hardened for cabinet applications
  • Designed to work with any manufacturer's MUX
  • 2RU, 19” or 23” rack mount