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Cyber Security

The networks that carry our most critical data and information are under attack, daily. Carriers, Network Operators and End Users alike are being examined and analyzed by hackers whose sole intent is to uncover items of value...and take or destroy them. They’re looking for information on physical assets as well as digital footprints. This white paper explores how cybercriminals, both large and small, are attacking you and what you can do to lessen your risk.

Powering Your Cell Towers

Historically, cell tower power was a lot like the electrical grid: essential, reliable, taken for granted, a tad dull. Today, cell tower power is an exciting source of technical and business innovation running at an ever-faster tempo. This paper explores the best ways to improve efficiency, reliability, and scalability of your power system and earn a great return on your investment.

Remote Site Management

Increased competition for wireless subscribers is forcing network operators to expand advanced technology support and services to larger geographical areas. Significant investments are being made to deliver on these priorities while budgets and resources are being maintained or reduced for maintaining infrastructure quality. This paper examines how advanced operational strategies for remote site management can reduce the time spent on travel and troubleshooting by as much as 40%.

Tower Management

Tower operators and their footprint are growing rapidly. As the number of towers increase and the footprint expands, understanding site conditions becomes more challenging. This paper examines how a tower management solution provides the applications required to help tower operators remotely and intelligently monitor, manage, and control the tower infrastructure.

Reducing Energy Costs and Preserving the Environment with Kentrox Site Solutions

Protecting the environment has become extremely important to businesses worldwide. Greenhouse gas emissions rose nearly 25% between 1993 and 2003 from transportation alone. This paper examines how Kentrox site solutions enable carriers to significantly reduce their impact on the environment while improving network quality.

Optimizing LTE Performance with Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Demand for wireless capacity continues to grow, driven by increasing wireless data usage. In 2012 global mobile data traffic grew 70%, with video traffic increasing to more than 50% of the total traffic. These trends are expected to continue for the next several years.

Hybrid Power Management

Power - all networks require it. Whether it is a cell site, roadside cabinet, hut, vault, utility facility, or any other type of site, power is a necessity for the equipment. This paper examines the benefits of employing hybrid power management (HPM) to support and provide the management, monitoring, and control of all power sources.

Generator Management

There are many aspects of generator management that telecommunications providers should consider when preparing a new recommendation or adjusting their current model for diesel generators, portable generators, or cell site on wheels (COW). This paper examines these management issues, including: Preventative maintenance, remote access, fuel management, alarm notification and reporting and regulations.