What is PIM?

What is PIM?

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is the unwanted signal or signals generated by the non-linear mixing of 2 or more frequencies in a passive (or linear) device such as a connector or cable. This non-linearity can occur due to poor quality material, ferromagnetic materials, corrosion or improper connections. In integrated base stations, significant levels of PIM can be generated within any of the passive components between the high power amplifiers and the receiver filter as well as the antenna.161PIM_stamp

Why is Low PIM Important to System Performance?

PIM can impact DAS performance when unwanted intermodulation generated by multiple signals in the downlink appear in the uplink, reducing overall quality of service. Additionally, PIM can cause interference in nearby systems, including public safety solutions, reducing their overall coverage or signal quality.

Low PIM is important For…

  • Improved system performance. Components with PIM levels below the noise floor allow for maximum system performance.
  • Near-term system quality. High quality, compatible materials guaranteeing system performance when the system is initially powered up.
  • Long-term reliability. Low risk of loose connections or corrosion guaranteeing system reliability for the long haul.

ClearLink® Low PIM Passives

Westell is dedicated to providing high performance products that meet or exceed the typical PIM measurement to deliver the most superior DAS possible. The ClearLink low PIM passives are guaranteed to measure ≤ -153 dBc and ≤ -161 dBc and are measured with two tones @ +43 dBc . Available in type N, DIN, or 4.3-10 connectors*, our ClearLink PIM rated passives are tested and approved to meet carrier requirements. This line includes:

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*4.3-10 connector options have a PIM rating of -154.