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We’ve Been Advancing Network Performance for 35+ Years

Focused on Innovation at the
Edge of Communication Networks

Westell Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a leading provider of high-performance network infrastructure solutions focused on innovation and differentiation at the edge of communication networks where end users connect. We enable service providers and network operators to improve performance and reduce operating expenses via a comprehensive set of products and solutions. With millions of products successfully deployed worldwide, we are a trusted partner for transforming networks into high-quality, reliable systems.


In-Building Wireless Solutions

In-Building Wireless Solutions

Westell provides a comprehensive suite of In-Building Wireless Solutions to deliver wireless coverage and capacity for ERCES public safety communication as well as comprehensive solutions to optimize fiber, copper, and hybrid network deployments increasing system capacity and protect network equipment.

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Intelligent Site Management

Intelligent Site Management

Westell provides a comprehensive Intelligent Site Management Solution for service providers and tower operators facing new challenges due to rapidly growing wireless networks. The Intelligent Site Management Solution can be extended to all cell sites (new and existing) to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems efficiently and securely.

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Communication Network Solutions

Communication Network Solutions

Westell’s comprehensive Communications Network Solutions expand cell site coverage, optimize fiber, copper and hybrid network deployments, increase system capacity, and protect network equipment. Communications Network Solutions enable telecommunication service providers, cell tower operators, wireline, wireless, cable, utility, and other industrial-network operators to reduce operating costs and improve overall network performance.

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 ISO TL9000 Standard logo   ISO 9001 Standard Logo

High Quality is Crucial to Our Company Legacy

Our Quality Mission, “To Achieve Total Customer Satisfaction,” is the foundation of all functions within our organization. To accomplish our mission, we strive to continually improve all aspects of product and service fulfillment.

Our quality system is registered to TL 9000:2016-H R6.3/R5.7. TL 9000 comprises the best practices of quality management that have been developed and refined within the telecommunications environment, and we are proud to have assisted in the development of the TL 9000 standard as a participating member of the QuEST Forum. 

In addition to TL 9000, we were one of the first suppliers to certify and register our quality processes to ISO 9001. We were also one of the first suppliers to receive C/SQP (Customer/Supplier Quality Process) Accreditation, a telecommunications quality system certification granted to leading edge companies Bellcore / Telcordia and the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs). 

Our History

Since launching Westell in 1980, our goal has always been to ensure quality communications.

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Our Leadership

We’ve made it a point to build our leadership team with industry veterans and thought leaders. Their expertise, focus and customer-centric philosophy set us apart from other network advancement companies.

Product Compliance

Conflict Minerals Policy

We are committed to ensuring that the products we receive from our suppliers are responsibly sourced.

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FCC Signal Booster Mandate

We have implemented a process to ensure all repeaters and signal boosters are labeled in accordance with the FCC Signal Booster Mandate.

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