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Remote Access and Control for IoT Power Management

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About Remote Power Management

One Affordable IoT Solution for 
Remote Access to Power Management

Managing the power of a site, shelter, cabinet or facility poses unique challenges. 
With Power Management Solutions:

•  Gain secure, remote access to equipment and sites through local devices.
•  Get visibility of real-time / current status of commercial power outages, power consumption, and alarms.
•  Save time and money with this greener approach.

View Our Solutions Below:

IoT Tenant Metering

Remotely Monitor and Manage Your Tenant's Power Consumption

Monitor power consumption for tenants and bill them appropriately. Tenant metering is easy with the addition of a power meter. You will receive exact usage for billing and reporting. One study we did exposed a utility transformer that was on the client’s side resulting in an additional $10,000 annual savings after resolved with the utility company!

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OpEx Reduction

Reduce Operating Expenses with IoT Management

Monitor specific network elements such as your HVAC usage; the primary network element driving up your monthly utility bills. You can also monitor every single source that utilizes power to see which source is using too much power; ask us about our cost study.

These types of approaches are proof for OPEX reductions by working to reduce your overall utility bills.

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Manage Back-Up Power with IoT

Remotely Monitor and Manage Your Aircraft Warning Lights

Planning for your back-up power is critical to keeping your site up and running. Monitoring your generator back-up power allows you to view, access, and manage critical information from a remote location. 

•  Provide reports to states or counties on hours of run time and the amount of fuel on site or fuel loss/leaks.
•  See remaining run-time to successfully deploy refuel trucks to sites.
•  Get alerts on the loss of commercial power. 
•  Check generator health, or if the generator is running when commercial power is present.

All of these items are critical to a fully functioning facility.

IoT Generator Management

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Power Plant / Rectifier IoT Monitoring

Remotely Monitor and Manage Your Current, Voltage, Battery, and Rectifier Information

Connect directly to your power plants. Your site's current, voltage, battery, and rectifier information is all remotely available.

It is like you are standing in front of the controller. This is useful when planning for repairs or assessing issues without requiring a visit the site. Also, many have used this information when planning for expansion as it is easy to collect remotely.

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Features & Benefits

  • Exact metering usage to bill your tenents
  • Monitor Power Plants/rectifiers remotely
  • Generator Remote Change-start and stop, maintenance run-clean air act
  • Remote generator odometer reading for compliance
  • Fuel Monitoring/levels for local regulations
  • Reduce OPEX resolving power hungry elements

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