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Generator, Fuel Monitoring & Control

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About Generator, Fuel Monitoring & Control

Westell’s remote monitoring hardware suite and Westell’s Optima software provide the intelligence to monitor your network remotely. Our solution has helped many companies become more efficient by providing detailed notifications to reduce truck rolls. The most important parts of having a generator are knowing when it is running, and that it will be ready then next time it is needed. Our solution will notify you of issues and give you remote control allowing the technician to make changes remotely, plan for equipment, receive notification of fuel theft, dispatch other vendors and plan the appropriate time for a fuel refill.

Generator Monitoring & Control

Batteries can only operate a site for a limited number of hours; therefore generators become the primary backup solution for commercial power outages at critical and remote sites. Providing your team with remote monitoring access can save time and money. Teams can start and stop the generator remotely, change the maintenance run schedule, read odometers and also know when the generator is running. Our Remote suite is built to last and is hardened to handle the outdoor elements. The Optima software platform provides you a single pane of glass at your site: receive notifications, mapping, reports, history, and push notification of alarms northbound. Click Here to download the Generator Management White Paper

Fuel Monitoring

Westell’s Fuel Management Solution is a comprehensive toolset that reduces the need for physical site visits and is the key to meeting compliance initiatives and avoiding costly fines. The solution uses technology innovations for monitoring fuel without a site visit. We can monitor diesel, propane and natural gas via a generator control panel or through a gauge; even antiquated tanks can be monitored. Disaster Recovery Planning is made easy. We have a software platform to show you the generators currently running and the minutes of remaining run time. With this information you can plan your fuel refill more efficiently.

Westell can provide historical fuel consumption reports that may be useful in determining whether a different generator model should be deployed in the future. By viewing detailed consumption reports across multiple cell sites, service-provider personnel can determine if a generator is operating under specification or unable to effectively manage the site load and should be replaced. By optimizing the generator size, fuel consumption and related costs can be minimized.

Features & Benefits

  • Disaster recovery fuel refill planning-minute of remaining run time
  • Generator Remote Change-start & stop, maintenance run-clean air act
  • Remote generator odometer reading for compliance
  • Fuel Monitoring for new and old generators-propane, diesel and natural gas
  • Software platform shows locations on map, generators running, fuel remaining and fuel theft

Generator & Fuel Monitoring & Control

Making Generator and Fuel monitoring easy providing remote control for generator and visibility to fuel levels eliminate unnecessary trips to a site and help plan for maintenance, disaster recovery, fuel refill and fuel theft

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