About Westell Technical Support

If you have technical questions regarding a Westell product or require troubleshooting assistance, please contact a member of our technical support team. 

Product Support

  • Intelligent Site Management
  • Communication Network Solutions

Phone: (800) 377-8766 or (630) 375-4950

Email: support@westell.com 

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In-Building Wireless

  • Public Safety - NFPA Compliant Bi-Directional Amplifiers
    - ProtectLink Firmware Information
  • Commercial Cellular Enhancement
  • Clearlink Passives and Antennas
  • Battery Backups Units
  • UDIT DAS Conditioners
  • DAS Interface Units - DIU, MDIU

Phone: (800) 377-8766 or (630) 898-2500

Email: support@westell.com

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Support for Modems, Gateways and Routers
Formerly Owned by Westell

Most of Westell’s Communication Network Solutions product line (i.e., modems, gateways, routers) were sold to NETGEAR in April of 2011. For information on these products, please visit the NETGEAR website.

If you are an end user and require technical support, please contact your Internet Service Provider