About Westell’s Technical Support Guidelines

The following technical support guidelines are designed to provide Westell customers with the most responsive and highest quality technical support. 

Our Technical Support Engineers

Westell prides itself on having one of the premier technical support departments in the industry. Our Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) are well versed in internetworking principles using TCP/IP and Physical and Second Layer Protocols such as T1, ISDN, Frame Relay, PPP, ATM, etc. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, customers sometimes ask a TSEs advice on issues other than the function and features of Optima® Management System and Remote suite of products. Westell TSEs will use their networking knowledge to help isolate a customer’s challenge, but it is necessary to draw some boundaries to ensure that the Westell Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides all customers with responsive and high-quality technical support. In addition, access to, and terms and conditions of, technical support are defined by product warranties and Westell Support Plans purchased. 

Integrating Westell Products with Other Manufacturers’ Hardware Products

Westell access products are designed to published standards and will interoperate successfully with most other manufacturers’ hardware products. If s Westell TSE determines that the Westell product is performing its functions in accordance with applicable specifications, Westell will assist the customer in attempting to isolate the source of their networking problem. However, Westell cannot be responsible for errors caused by onsite wiring or the configuration of any third-party products such as modems, servers, routers, hubs, switches, or firewalls.

Westell TAC is pleased to help its customers integrate Westell products into their network design, but it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the network design. It is very helpful if the customer can forward network design drawings to TAC for analysis. If the customer is not comfortable providing a network design, TAC can provide network consulting services on an hourly fee basis. 

Westell TAC does not provide network monitoring or network maintenance services other than as outlined in the terms of a Westell Support Plan. If you are interested in a support plan, please contact support@westell.com

Training for all Westell products

Training for all Westell products is available through the Westell Technical Training department. While TAC will always help callers understand the specific configuration and operation of Westell products, callers to TAC are expected to have a working knowledge of networking principles, as TAC does not provide general training in networking technology. More information about Westell training courses is available on the training page.