Colombian Tower Operator Deploys Westell for Tower Management

Colombia, South America

A Tier 1 Colombian tower operator has chosen Westell for 2,100 of its cell sites to help meet their customers’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, the Intelligent Site Management (ISM) solution from Westell is helping minimize operating costs by reducing truck rolls and enhancing site security, both for personnel and equipment. 

The Optima Management System, Remote Rmm-1400s, and Remote RMB-1s were deployed at nearly 1,500 Colombian sites in less than one year. Optima, which supports multiple languages, is installed at a data center and supports Graphical User Interface (GUI) connections in both English and Spanish. Optima centralized and monitors all measurement and alarm data from the RMM-1400s installed at each remote site, trends the site data, and provides detailed reports on site performance. The RMM-1400 enables site alarm monitoring, protocol conversion, and equipment connectivity, and acts as an intelligent extension of the operator’s Operations Support System (OSS). The data obtained from the Remote suite of products is transferred to the centralized Optima Management System over a secure, private cellular network.