Mexico Tower Operator Deploys Westell for Site Security

Mexico, North America

A Tier 1 tower operator in Mexico was experiencing theft and vandalism at their top 500 sites almost daily (copper theft, stolen site equipment, graffiti, etc.) This operator has chosen the Westell Intelligent Site Management solution to reduce theft and vandalism at their tower sites, minimizing the cost of replacement equipment, repairs, and cleanup. Additionally, by implementing site security, personnel visits (both employee and contractors) are safer.

The Optima Management System, Remote RMM-1400s, and Remote RMB-1s by Westell have been deployed in the tower operator’s network. Optima centralizes and monitors all measurement, alarm, and fault data from the RMM-1400s at each remote site. The Westell solution trends the site data and provides detailed reports on site performance. The data obtained from the remote sites is transferred to the centralized Optima Management System over a secure GMS cellular network connection.

In addition to the many benefits of the security management solution already deployed, the Tier 1 tower operator is considering other Westell functionality for future installation to ensure a comprehensive solution.