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About Tower Monitoring & Control

Save Time and Money
with IoT Access to Your Remote Sites

Providing your team with one affordable solution for remote monitoring access can save time and money. The RMX-4000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) fits the bill whether you are a tower owner that is carrier specific or one that rents out space.

•  Access the status of your generator and provide health checks to your tenants appropriately.
•  Get visibility of your tower lights, security of the compound, details about your generator status and fuel, environmental alarms and temperature and exact usage per tenant.
•  Connect directly to power plant and HVAC controllers allowing you to view and change settings remotely.
•  Manage with Westell's software platform, providing you a single pane of glass at your site to receive notifications, mapping, reports, history, and push notification of alarms northbound. The RMX-4000 RTU is also software agnostic for your ease of use.

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Tower Light IoT Management

Remotely Monitor and Manage Your Aircraft Warning Lights

Westell’s Tower Lighting Management Solution assures tower owners remote monitoring access to monitor tower lights avoiding costly fines. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has strict rules. With the Westell solution you will know when there is a light fault and be able to promptly file your NOTAM reducing unnecessary fines.

You will also gain the ability to change light status remotely. Westell supports intelligent connectivity to the most popular lighting controllers, but if you have an older style tower lighting solution we also support connectivity using dry contacts.

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Fuel Management IoT Solution

Monitor and Manage Your IoT Fuel and Generators Remotely

Westell’s Fuel Management Solution is a comprehensive solution that reduces the need for physical site visits and becomes a key solution in meeting compliance initiatives and avoiding costly fines. The solution uses technology innovations for monitoring fuel without a site visit. We can monitor diesel, propane and natural gas via a generator control panel or through a gauge; even antiquated tanks can be monitored. Westell also supports wireless level monitoring for some tank types, eliminating significant trenching and cabling costs. Disaster Recovery Planning is made easy. We have a software platform to show you the generators currently running and show you minutes of remaining run time. With this information you can plan your fuel refill more efficiently.

Westell can provide historical fuel consumption reports that may be useful in determining whether a different generator model should be deployed in the future. By viewing detailed consumption reports across multiple cell sites, service-provider personnel can determine if a generator is operating under specification or unable to effectively manage the site load and should be replaced. By optimizing the generator size, energy consumption can be minimized. Additional benefits allow you to be notified when there is a fuel theft in progress.

Learn More: Fuel and Generator IoT

Tenant Power Metering, IoT Solutions

Access Power Usage Metering with IoT Monitoring and Reporting

Tenant metering is easy with the addition of a power meter. You will receive exact usage for billing and reporting. One study we did exposed a utility transformer that was on the clients side resulting in an additional $10,000 annual billing saved after resolved with the utility company.

Also, monitor specific network elements such as your HVAC usage; the primary network element driving up your monthly utility bills.

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Environmental IoT Alarm Monitoring

Monitor and Manage Intrusion, Rectifier, Economizer, Fan, Smoke/Fire, Gas, Water, Power, Battery Alarms Remotely

Westell has been monitoring environmental alarms for years. This method has never gone away and still a standard of a NOCC being notified of a change in status. Some types of environmental alarms are: door intrusion, rectifier fail, economizer, fan, smoke/fire, hydrogen gas, water, commercial power fail, battery discharge. We also carry the sensors needed to accomplish this.

Temperature in a cabinet or shelter is critical to the health of your network. We can set customized set points for alarming or triggering a fan. We can also help you catch issues before they arises with multiple thresholds to prevent damaging equipment due to extreme heat or cold. We can also use temperature sensors gain visibility to HVAC performance.

Learn More: Environmental Alarms IoT

Remote Security IoT Monitoring

Monitor and Manage Intrusion Alarms, Fuel Theft, and IP Cameras Remotely

The Westell suite of remote monitoring solutions provides the security to all of your network elements. Additional security benefits for your compound can be added such as intrusion alarms, fuel theft notifications and IP cameras.

We can provide you motion alarms and details needed to keep your equipment and your tenant’s equipment safe.

Learn More: Remote Security IoT Monitoring

Features & Benefits

  • Access to AWL for remote change or notifications needed to file NOTAM
  • Environmental alarming including sensor details
  • Exact metering to bill your tenants
  • Disaster recovery fuel refill planning-minute of remaining run time
  • Generator Remote Change-start and stop, maintenance run-clean air act
  • Remote generator odometer reading for compliance
  • Fuel Monitoring for new and old generators-propane, diesel and natural gas
  • Software Platform shows locations on a map, generators running, fuel remaining and fuel theft
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Intelligent Site Management

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Westell provides a comprehensive Intelligent Site Management Solution for service providers and tower operators facing new challenges due to rapidly growing wireless networks. The Intelligent Site Management Solution can be extended to all cell sites (new and existing) to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems efficiently and securely.

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