Westell's eSmartESTM EdgeSwitch Included in Olsson Associates' CPR Central Power Solution

AURORA, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Westell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTL) ("Westell"), a leading provider of broadband networking products, outside plant telecommunications equipment and conferencing services, announced today that its eSmartESTM ES8100 series of Managed Ethernet Switches will be included in Olsson Associates' patent-pending CPR Central Power Solution.

CPR Central Power is a solution for powering FTTH ONTs (Fiber-to-the-Home Optical Network Terminals) directly from the central office, or from power distribution huts, rather than powering from the home. This approach eliminates the need for local batteries at each ONT, and also provides for much longer-term power backup times.

Westell's eSmartES managed switches will provide Ethernet connectivity in the CPR Central Power system, as well as remote monitoring of input voltage to the EdgeSwitch, internal case temperature of the EdgeSwitch, internal cabinet temperature, and door open/close alarms. The eSmartES switch is a compact, managed switch, offering network redundancy options using the Westell Edge Operating System (WEOS) with standards-based 802.3ah Ethernet OAM functionality to isolate and diagnose network problems.

"We are pleased to be a part of Olsson Associates' CPR Central Power solution," said Brian Powers, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Westell's OSPlant Systems Division. "Our EdgeSwitch is ideal for this application since it gives broadband and voice service providers managed switch functionality such as our SiteVu remote monitoring capability, enabling them to fix problems before they are noticed by the homeowner."

At the core of the CPR Central Power solution is a redundant power supply that is housed in a ground-mounted pedestal with the fiber splice case. From this pedestal, power can feed up to 8 businesses or residences. Power to the CPR pedestal is fed from the central office, or from distribution huts, where it can be UPS-backed as well as generator-backed.

"We were looking for more than just a standard Ethernet switch for our CPR Central Power solution," said Steve Ingracia, Vice President and National Technology Practice Leader with Olsson Associates. "Westell's eSmartES gives us more; management tools such as remote monitoring add value to our solution."

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