Westell Micro Data Center (MDC) Monitoring Solutions Featured in Inside Towers

Standalone MCD Data Centers are Easily Deployed and with Westell, Easily Monitored

Edge data centers are deployed near the point of transmission to reduce the latency of data traffic needed for augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Companies are also increasing their computing power by putting the “edge” computing in their backyards, further reducing the data latency.

Deploying micro data centers, which include compute, storage, networking, power, and cooling in remote, outdoor enclosures is becoming the latest trend for many businesses with multiple locations and steady growth. The micro data center market is expected to grow from $3.65 billion in 2022 to $10.25 billion by 2030, according to a new report published by The Insight Partners.

Systems in those micro data centers needs to be monitored and managed. Battery backup, commercial power usage, temperature and humidity, security, HVAC, and generator status is important information to ensure the equipment is working within parameters. “The enclosures should be secure, so you must have visibility to see if the door is open. You need to confirm that everything is functioning inside, so you’re not losing data or damaging equipment,” Amy Walther, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Westell, told Inside Towers.

That’s where Westell comes in, with remote site monitoring and management devices. Westell can provide remote site monitoring and visibility as a part of full Network Operations Center (NOC) services for the customer.

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