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CS40-Series ProtectLink Class A & B BDAs

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CS40-Series ProtectLink Class A & B BDAs
CS40-Series ProtectLink Class A & B BDAs

CS40-Series ProtectLink Class A & B BDAs

The Westell ProtectLink Public Safety BDAs represent the next revolution in Public Safety DAS design, offering the most flexible platform available on the market.

The ProtectLink platform includes 700/800MHz band support, 1 Watt and 2.5 Watt RF output options, Class A or Class B operation, single-band or dual-band operation, software license upgradeable. And with the addition of an Optical Master Unit the same BDA can expand to support a fiber distributed architecture with optical remotes.  (Contact us at IBWdesign@westell for the release date on the fiber DAS solution)

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Product Highlights

• RF power, and Class B to A are upgradeable via license keys
• Intelligent oscillation management and self-healing
• 90dB downlink gain, 80dB uplink
• Listed to UL2524, UL62368-1, UL50E Type4
• Built-in battery charging and alarm circuitry
• Built-in annunciator communications link
• EPO (Emergency Power Off)
• Uplink & downlink squelch per filter
• Independent gain control per filter
• Compact footprint
• Fiber DAS ready design
• NEMA4 conduit glands included
• Supports both digital and analog modulation
• Supports P25 phase 1 & 2
• Supports SNMP
• 3-year warranty
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Main power input 110 VAC (88-264VAC)
Battery charger output 28 VDC
DC power consumption 90 - 130 watts
DL output power 34dBm (2.5W) or 30dBm (1W)
DL Gain/UL Gain 90dB/80dB
# Class A filters 32 per band
# Class B filters 4 per band
Class A filter bandwidths 12.5KHz, 25KHz, 50KHz, 75KHz, 100KHz, 150KHz
Class B filter bandwidths 250KHz, 500KHz, 1MHz, 2MHz, 3MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz, 18MHz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.6 x 14.9 x 7.3 in
Approximate weight (lbs) 49.5

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Certification References

UL 2524: In-building 2-way Emergency Radio Communication
Enhancement Systems (ERCES)

UL 62368-1: Audio/video, information and communication technology
equipment - Part 1: safety requirements

UL 508A: Industrial control panels (UL50E Type 4)


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