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RF Coaxial Surge Arrestor
0~3000 MHz, N-Type (F) to N-Type (F)

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CS60-024-002 | RF Coaxial Surge Arrestor
CS60-024-002 | RF Coaxial Surge Arrestor

CS60-024-002 | RF Coaxial Surge Arrestor

RF Coaxial Surge Arrestor | Gas Discharge Coaxial Surge Protector, N Female to N Female, 0~3000 MHz

Westell’s RF Coax Surge Protector N-Type (F) to N-Type (F) utilizes gas tube discharge (GDT) technology, provides immediate response to a lightning surge, protecting critical hardware while maintaining the RF performance of radio equipment. 

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Product Highlights

NFPA 780 Surge Protection, tested per UL 1449
Surge 6kV/3kA per IEC 6100-4-5 8/20u
N-M/N-F Bulkhead Connectors with Ground Lug
Low Insertion Loss < 0.2 dB
< 1.20 VSWR
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Frequency Range Supported (MHz): 0~3000 (DC Pass)
Max, Peak Power (W): 200
Discharge Capacity, (kA , 8/20μS wave) 20
Discharge voltage (V): 90
Impedance (Ohms): 50
AC (Vmin) Pressure: 2500V 1 Min No breakdown and No Arcing Phenomenon
Insulation Resistance (MΩ): >5000
Insertion Loss (dB): <0.20
VSWR: <1.20
Waterproof: IP67
Connector: N-Type (F) to N-Type (F)
Ground Lug Connector: #12 AWG Minimum

CS60-024-002 | RF Coaxial Surge Arrestor Documentation


• Cellular Communications Systems
• ERCES Public Safety Systems
• Industrial Communications
• Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz ISM Band)

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