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The need for rapid, high-quality, cost effective deployments is more critical now than ever. Westell is ready to support this initiative with our Integrated Cabinet Solutions. Our fully integrated, vendor neutral, cabinet solutions are optimized for individual customer requirements. By handling all system integration details, including:

  • Design Assistance
  • Complete One-Stop Shop Integration Facility including Test & Turn-Up Capabilities
  • Procurement, Planning and Logistics to Expedite Time to Market
  • Thermal Management Expertise including both Heat Exchanger and Air Conditioner applications

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  • Flexible turnkey integrated cabinets, ready for installation, ship directly to the job site
  • Vendor agnostic allowing customers to choose their preferred network electronics
  • One-Stop-Shop and ease of ordering via a single part number
  • Westell’s customer focused approach to cabinet integra¬tion allows for quick deployment


  • Solutions that meet or exceed requirements and expectations of our Customers
  • Collaborate on system design to meet both current and future requirements
  • Detailed documentation including design, installation, wiring, and layout
  • Standardization and repeat¬ability across all deployments


  • Integrated Cabinet Solutions provides solutions focused on delivering the lowest (TCO)
  • Pre-configured, tested cabinets save on expensive job site assembly and testing
  • Westell’s expertise ensures the best cooling approach for the solution
  • Optimized equipment location making ongoing operations and maintenance simplified
  • Standardization and detailed documentation reduces troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance


  • Customer specified components, Westell system design
  • Right size the cabinet with layout optimization for thermal management
  • Full system design documentation including detailed wiring diagrams and all equipment manuals
  • Available high-density Fiber Connectivity solutions
  • Westell designed power solutions include:
    • Power distribution panels
    • AC load center and associated wiring
    • Option for generator connection
    • AC to DC rectifier and all associated AC and DC wiring

Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor Cabinets

Providing cabinets and enclosures for outdoor applications for more than 20 years, Westell offers a comprehensive range of outdoor enclosures for virtually any installation. Designed to NEMA Type 3R, NEMA Type 4, and Telcordia GR-487 requirements, Westell cabinets and enclosures protect equipment from harsh environmental conditions. Because our enclosures have a similar yet flexible design layout, installation is fast, with configuration changes easily made when a network demands change.


  • Right sized for your application, 5-42 RU cabinet options.
  • 19" and 23" rack mount options to support multiple equipment types.
  • Rear access.
  • Compact footprint.
  • All aluminum construction – robust .125" thick welded aluminum, light weight, superior corrosion resistance.
  • Flexible mounting options including platform, pad, pole, side mount, and H-frame.
  • Multiple cooling options:
    • 10.5W thru 260W per °C Heat Exchangers
    • AC & DC powered
    • 1k thru 17k BTU Air Conditioners
  • Key accessories including battery box, battery heater pad, and pad mount templates offered.

Features & Benefits

Outdoor Cabinets and Intelligent Enclosures

  • Broad line of outdoor cabinets and enclosures
  • Westell BoxerTM and BoxerTMPlus family of outdoor cabinets have a compact footprint and are rightsized for your application from 5RU —> 42RU
  • 19" and 23" rack mount options to support multiple equipment types
  • Multiple passive and active cooled models to support wide range of applications
  • Wide selection of cabinets designed to meet Telecordia GR-487
  • All aluminum construction designed to protect against corrosion in harsh outdoor environments
  • Wind driven rain resistant and temperature hardened
  • Impact resistant
  • Key optional accessories include battery box, battery heater pad as well as pad mount templates
  • Flexible mounting options including platform, pad, pole, side mount, and Wall/H-frame

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