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About Cellular

IBW Cellular Image collageCellular handsets and the need for constant connectivity are an absolute necessity in today’s busy world. Not only connectivity but quality connectivity.  Cellular handsets are no longer just a phone, but a mobile productivity and entertainment device. Modern energy-efficient building materials block cellular radio signals, so most new buildings today will need some form of cellular enhancement solution.

Westell provides in-building cellular enhancement solutions to keep you and your tenants productive and entertained.

We’ve been working with cellular operators for nearly 20 years to assure ubiquitous coverage indoors with our Bi-Directional amplifiers, Clearlink passives and antennas, and our popular DAS interface products like our UDIT and MDIU. And recently introduced is our 5G ready, CrossFire digital DAS platform which compliments the rest of our cellular product portfolio. Give Westell a call to learn how we can help provide quality indoor cellular coverage.

Features & Benefits

Westell ClearLink® UDIT

  • Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) to provide comprehensive remote monitoring of in-building wireless alarms, RF parameters and configurations
  • Built-in spectrum analysis and power meters
  • Permits up to 12 Point of Interface of POI modules per chassis
  • Provides up to a 60% space saving over passive solutions
  • Plug and play POI is hot swappable with automatic detection

Westell ClearLink Passives and Antennas

  • Huge selection of low PIM splitters, couplers, tappers, antennas and filters
  • ClearLink indoor antennas are available for Omnidirectional and directional patterns and aesthetically pleasing to compliment indoor spaces
  • Rigid performance specifications assure the DAS system will operate as designed
  • Our MDIU (Module DAS Interface Unit) is the smallest in the industry, able to support 3 duplex inputs in a 1 rack unit space

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In-Building Wireless Solutions

Westell provides a comprehensive ClearLink® In-Building Wireless Solution to deliver the wireless coverage and capacity required to optimize the customer experience. The ClearLink Solution improves network performance while minimizing operating and capital costs.

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