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UL 2524 BDA DAS Public Safety Communications

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About Public Safety DAS Solutions

When emergency responders enter a building, they need to know that they can call for support or coordinate with fellow responders to protect the people inside as well as themselves. It’s quite simply a matter of life and death.

Since 2009 national building codes have mandated that emergency responder communications systems (ERCES / ERRCS) shall be installed in new and existing construction to assure that our Fire, Police, and EMS professionals have the communications they need inside buildings. Westell has been providing the equipment to support ERCES for over 20 years, and the requirements have changed substantially.

Westell is one of the only ERCES equipment manufacturers to offer nearly the entire solution – from the outdoor donor antenna, BDA, battery backup, and passive components, to the indoor service antennas. Offering a wide range of solutions covering all bands used by first responders in Class A and B BDAs, Fiber DAS, and Class B BDAs! Contact us to learn more.

UL2524 BDA Kits

Easy-to-order UL2524 public safety BDA kits with choices of ProtectLink™ and enhanced BDAs, keeping your Class A/B deployments clean and simple. Download the UL2524 Public Safety BDA Kit Flyer.

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