Central Vermont Public Service Improves Site Management and Equipment

Rutland, Vermont

Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) is the largest electric company in Vermont, servicing more than 159,000 customers in 163 communities. During a review of their networks in 2008, it was decided that remote management and monitoring were required to better manage their sites and equipment. In 2009, CVPS chose the Westell Remote monitoring solution and Optima Management System to provide comprehensive remote management and monitoring of all sites. CVPS installed Westell Remote and Optima server devices to improve the monitoring capabilities of their remote sites. Westell Remotes reside at the remote site locations to collect performance data, monitor alarm contacts, and communicate with the operations center via TDM lines. The TDM network transports SNMP alarm messaging from the Westell Remote via a Cisco router at each site, which manages the TDM to IP conversion. 

The flexible Optima system provides the ability to create adaptor modules to interface and integrate with any vendors’ managed equipment to gather external data and events for reporting in Optima. Westell built two Optima interface adapters for CVPS, a Mitel PBX system adapter to monitor service-affecting alarms on their primary telephone system and a GE JungleMUX adapter to monitor any alarms. The adapters provide CVPS real-time monitoring and alarming of their critical systems, warning them of a problem situation.